Naturally GOOD

Guilded Goods designs and hand makes unique, one-of-a-kind products, naturally dyed with plants and made from sustainable textiles and materials.  

Our premier collection exclusively features limited edition, vintage and up-cycled products.

In GOOD Company

Guilded Goods is a community of inspired makers, merchants, and collaborators who celebrate the art of making and share an entrepreneurial spirit.  Meet our makers and explore their collections in the Guilded Goods shop.  
Our Founder

NYC fashion executive D'Arcy Jensen found herself amidst the pandemic reclaiming a 950 sq. foot community garden in Hudson Valley, NY. Combining her professional skills, personal passions with resources from the garden, she created Guilded Goods.  Now a  brand, marketplace and community Guilded Goods is a reflection of D’Arcy’s colorful style and entrepreneurial spirit.  

More GOOD Stuff

The Guilded Goods process & why it’s important

All of our goods are one-of-a-kind & naturally hand-dyed with plants. In our hand-dye process, we use natural plants and dye-stuffs as well as a neutral, biodegradable detergent. 

We follow time-tested recipes and methods which are slow and involve many steps. Sometimes we take 15 or more steps per item depending on the kind of dye plant used and the color we desire.  Each step is important to enhance the chemical attachment of dye pigments to each individual fiber.  If these steps are not taken, the dye will merely “stain” the fabric and be far more likely to rub off and/or bleed in the wash.  

 Our process always begins with hand washing and scouring each textile.  Scouring involves boiling the fabric and is critical to eliminate both natural and toxic treatments that block the dye from attaching to the fiber. Our main objective is to make the strongest dye attachment that we can so that your goods have the least amount, if any, rub-off or color bleeding. After various steps of preparation baths, dyeing, post neutralization baths, and sometimes a second boil, each item is again, hand washed until the bathwater runs clear.  We always air dry and then finish with good old-fashioned ironing as a last effort to seal the deal.  Although we take great care to make you the best goods, as with any natural product, you should expect some color loss over time.  

Washing & care recommendations for your Guilded Goods textiles. 

As with any hand-made or vintage item, we recommend using the gentlest possible method for washing.  Sturdier fabrics have already gone through our washing machines and should be able to handle cold water/like color cycles.  For delicate fabric, lace, crochet, or special trims, we recommend hand washing in cold water.  For all our washing, we use a gentle detergent that is biodegradable.  For hand-washing, we recommend a detergent such as Dawn (blue) Dishwashing Detergent.  If it’s GOOD enough for baby ducks, it’s GOOD enough for us!

Interested in joining the Guilded Goods community?  Email us at guildedgoods@gmail.com to find out how.

Have a GOOD day!